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Access keys


Access keys: This site uses the access key attribute which provides a set of keyboard shortcuts for common navigational tasks.

Internet Explorer (PC) - Hold down the ALT key, press the number of the access key, release both keys then press ENTER:
Alt+S enter - Skip navigation
Alt+1 enter - Home page
Alt+2 enter - Accessibility Statement
Alt+3 enter - Sitemap
Alt+7 enter - Privacy Policy
Alt+8 enter - Terms and conditions
Alt+9 enter - Contact Us
Alt+0 enter - Access key details

Firefox (PC) - Alt + Shift + access key:
Shift+Alt+S - Skip navigation
Shift+Alt+1 - Home page
Shift+Alt+2 - Accessibility Statement
Shift+Alt+3 - Sitemap
Shift+Alt+7  - Privacy Policy
Shift+Alt+8  - Terms and conditions
Shift+Alt+9  - Contac Us
Shift+Alt+0  - Access key details

Safari (PC): Alt+ access key
Firefox (Mac): CTRL + access key
Safari (Mac): CTRL + Alt + access key



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